Ceiling fans can be quite an interesting addition to your interiors as they come in different styles and designs. They are very useful in corners and rooms with limited space where ventilation is an issue. It is important to understand a few things before buying these fans. They are as follows.

  • Know your measurements: Pull out the measuring tape and measure your room correctly. This will determine what sized blades you must get, what type of blades will be most affective, etc.
  • Purpose: Are you planning to install it indoors or outdoors? They are not interchangeable as outdoor ceiling fans are built with temperature, humidity, moisture, heat control and several other factors in mind. Never install an indoor fan outdoors as it will crack within days.
  • Design and function: Most quality ceiling fans come with lighting kits along with them. The can look very interesting and can prove o be functional at the same time. They also come in these major categories: Hippie, Standard, Modern, Futuristic and Abstract.

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