Ceiling fans provide cooling and great airflow. It is a great option for cutting energy cost of your home! Moreover, it also gives a contemporary look to your home. Here are some useful tips for buying the contemporary ceiling fan for your home.

  1. Choose the size of the fan

Fan size is measured in diameter. The larger the diameter of the fan, the more space it will cover. In bedrooms, 48″ and 52″ fans are standard sizes unless the room is very small or very large.

  1. Extension Rods

If ceiling height of your home is more than 3m then you surely need an extension rod. These are generally available in 90cm length size and the installer can cut it to size. Generally, you will require 90cm rod for 3.7m high ceiling area.

  1. Remote Control

A remote control is an option for your fan and can be purchased as an accessory with your fan so your electrician can install it at the same time as the fan. It is also available as a separate accessory and can be installed later.

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